We are seeking runners to support and raise funds for our cause, the NATIONAL RUN A MILE DAYS YOUTH FUND. All net proceeds support the efforts of the American Running Association (ARA) and its professional arm, the American Medical Athletic Association (AMAA), to expand the outreach of NATIONAL RUN A MILE DAYS (held nationwide in May). We are committed to increasing the physical activity levels of all boys and girls through running to combat the incidences of overweight and obesity in youth.


  1. Fundraise: Pay the BAA fees of $600, respond to form questions about your fundraising history, and sign an agreement to fundraise a minimum of $5,000 by April 15, 2016.
  2. Donate Full Price Upfront: Pay the BAA fees of $600*, plus donate $5,000.
  3. Donate in Three Payments: Pay the BAA fees of $600*, plus donate an initial $1,700. Two more donations of $1,700 will be required before race day.

* "Premium" fee for non-qualifying runners to help support the Boston Athletic Association (BAA).



  1. Invitational entry into the Boston Marathon®
  2. First option to obtain a room in the AMAA room block at The Colonnade Hotel (meeting site) for a reduced rate
  3. Two-day sports medicine symposium ($550 value)
  4. AMAA coach bus to Hopkinton from The Colonnade (bus stays onsite until you leave for the corrals)
  5. AMAA Apparel
  6. Pasta Pre-Race Party
  7. Post-Race Party
  8. Access to shower rooms in the Colonnade Hotel post-race
  9. One-Year AMAA Membership (either a renewal or new membership)

Once you are registered with AMAA, you will receive a confirmation that you are part of the AMAA BOSTON 2016 team. The e-mail will include a code for access to our room block at The Colonnade Hotel.

For QUALIFIED RUNNERS and others wanting to register for the AMAA Boston Symposium, click here.

QUESTIONS?  Write to amaa@americanrunning.org

The NATIONAL RUN A MILE DAYS YOUTH FUND provides training plans, posters, flyers, and an Operation Guide for teachers and schools. Select schools and communities receive “MILER” t-shirts. With each mile, AMAA and ARA are striving to "Get Kids Fit, One Step at a Time."

4405 East-West Highway, Suite 405, Bethesda, MD  20841

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