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The RUN A MILE DAYS Youth Campaign: growing the ARA – AMAA youth fitness project to enable more Mile running programs in schools

The loss of fundraising at the Boston Marathon has spurred ARA and AMAA to push a grassroots fundraising campaign to raise the funds to keep the NATIONAL RUN A MILE DAYS project moving. We are seeking both donors and fundraisers who believe in our campaign to increase the daily and weekly physical activities of our young kids and youth in elementary and middle schools throughout the country.

It takes just $10 to provide the materials including a MILER T-shirt to any of our youth in schools or community groups . One average classroom is $250 and co-sponsoring an elementary school is anywhere from $1000 to $2500 depending on the size of the school.

To become a fundraiser go to this AMAA Miler Project site – go to and search for AMAA or copy this URL

You can donate to the Youth Miler Project via Network For Good. Go to:

AMAA’s MCM Sports Medicine Conference 2016:
Big move across the Potomac

New Partnership with MedStar Sports Medicine brings event to Georgetown U Hospital and Medical School

The 2016 Sports Medicine Meeting during Marine Corps Marathon weekend proved to be a big success. MedStar who owns several hospitals in the Maryland and DC Region formed a partnership with AMAA to bring the longstanding Sports Medicine Conference to one of the MedStar Hospital facilities, Georgetown University Hospital. The meeting was held on Friday October 28th in the Medical School Auditorium and associated classrooms. The meeting kicked off with Grand Rounds led by Natalie Stavas, M.D. who is in a pediatric fellowship at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). Dr Stavas gave an inspiring talk on the developing brain in children and ties to obesity. Her enthusiasm and energy carried over to all the other top-notch speakers. 

–Dave Watt

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