FDA Announces New Food
Labeling Requirements

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The following is a list of synonyms for sugar to watch for on food labels:

agave juice flo-malt malt syrup
agave nectar flomalt maltose
agave sap fructose maple
agave syrup fructose sweetener maple sugar
beet sugar glaze and icing sugar maple syrup
brown rice syrup glaze icing sugar mizu ame
brown sugar golden syrup mizu-ame
cane juice gomme mizuame
cane sugar granular sweetener molasses
cane syrup granulated sugar nulomoline
clintose hi-fructose corn syrup powdered sugar
confectioners powdered sugar high fructose corn syrup rice syrup
confectioners sugar honey sorghum
corn glucose syrup honibake sorghum syrup
corn sweet honi bake starch sweetener
corn sweetener honi-bake sucanat
corn syrup honi flake sucrose
date sugar honi-flake sucrovert
dextrose invert sugar sugar beet
drimol inverted sugar sugar invert
dri mol isoglucose sweet n neat
dri-mol isomaltulose table sugar
drisweet kona ame treacle
dri sweet kona-ame trehalose
dri-sweet lactose tru sweet
dried raisin sweetener liquid sweetener turbinado sugar
edible lactose malt Versatose
flo malt malt sweetener  

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“Sweetening of the Global Diet, Particularly Beverages: Patterns, Trends, and Policy Responses,” by Barry M. Popkin and Corinna Hawkes

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